Dr. Alison Day, DC

Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Alison was born in California and lived there until her teenage years when she moved to Pennsylvania. She received her bachelors of science at Monmouth University in New Jersey.  Dr. Alison was scouted and received a track scholarship from Monmouth where she was a four year D1 athlete. It was then when she decided that she wanted to take care of athletes since she received much support from her team chiropractor allowing her to be so successful in her sport. She completed her masters in sports chiropractic simultaneously with her doctor of chiropractic degree at Life University and graduated cum laude. While at Life she worked with national championship athletes as one of the team chiropractors for the athletics program. She was also involved with the World Congress Chiropractic Students to help develop new regulations to advance chiropractic around the world. She works closely with our pregnant mothers and pediatric population, and is Webster Certified and is a member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA).

Dr. Alison was raised with 3 older brothers and loves to spend time with family as much as possible. Her passion towards chiropractic grew stronger due to this close tie to her family. She wanted to provide the best care for them which motivated her to gain experience that would benefit them in any way. She has 3 nieces with more on the way, which has inspired her love of pediatrics and adjusting babies to allow their nerve system to be fully functioning to give them the best start to life.

She has been involved in Maximized Living through chiropractic school. While working with different Maximized Living offices in school, Dr. Alison was able to see first-hand the life transformations people were experiencing through the 5 Essentials. It was then that she grew a passion to educate the community on the truth on the body’s amazing ability to heal and improve function. She has taught at several corporations, businesses, and churches on varying health topics such as, cancer prevention, brain health, stress reduction, nutrition, and many others. She has been trained in nutrition, advanced spinal correction, detoxification, and exercise.


-Life University (Atlanta, GA) 2013-2017

-Doctor of Chiropractic

-Masters in Sports Health Science

-Monmouth University (West Long Branch, NJ) 2009-2013

-Bachelor of Science Degree

Post Graduate Training and Organizations:

-Webster Technique 2015-current

-Maximized Living 2015-current

-Continuing Education, Practice Management, Team Building

-ICPA 2015-current


-Georgia Board of Chiropractic Examiners 2017-current

-North Carolina Board of Chiropractic Examiners 2017-current

-N.C State Chiropractic License #4823

Dr. Marc Suprenant, DC

Dr. Marc Suprenant, DC

Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Marc was born and raised in Iowa. He received his bachelors at the University of Iowa and completed his doctorate at Palmer College in Davenport, IA in 1999. He has lived in Charlotte since 2004, with his wife Joelle and their 4 beautiful daughters.

He has received advanced training in spinal correction, toxicity, exercise and nutrition from some of the largest health clinics in the world. He has access to the latest scientifically based research and protocols in health and healing today and is one of only a few hundred doctors certified in the five essentials of health. linebreak linebreak
Because he is very focused on education, he holds monthly workshops in his office on fitness, nutrition, detoxification and other health-related topics. He teaches Winning My Race programs to churches, and has worked with many local businesses to help them decrease sick time and injuries. He also hosts a radio show and has worked with local schools to help keep their athletes in top shape. In the last 6 years, he has also started coaching other chiropractors, and now speaks across the country to chiropractors and students.


• Palmer College of Chirorpactic (Davenport, IA) 1995-1999 linebreak
Doctor of Chiropractic Degree
Bachelor of Science Degree
• University of Iowa 1992-1995
Pre-chiropractic education

Post Graduate Training

• Waiting List Practice 2001-2003
Continuing Education, Practice Management, and Team Building
Dr. CJ Mertz

• Chiropractic Biophysics 2001-current
Spinal Correction

• Maximized Living 2003-current
Continuing Education, Practice Management, and Team Building
Dr. Ben Lerner, Dr. Greg Loman

• Clear Institute 2006-current
Scoliosis Correction

License and Certifications

• Maximized Living Instructor 2006-current
• Illinois Board of Chiropractic Examiners 1999
• Missouri Board of Chiropractic Examiners 1999-2002
• North Carolina Board Of Chiropractic Examiners 2002-current
N.C. State Chiropractic License #3119

Clinical Experience • Private Practice (Charlotte, NC) 2004-current
Maximized Living Coach and Leader, Maximized Living Health Center for Training. Private chiropractic practice. Full service clinic offering complete radiographic department. Current techniques used are Biophysics, Diversified, Pettibon, Gonstead-cutting edge spinal correction.
• Private Practice (Southport, NC) 2002-2004
Private chiropractic practice. Full service clinic offering complete radiographic department. Techniques used: Biophysics, Diversified, Gonstead-cutting edge spinal correction.
• Private Practice (Blue Springs, MO) 1999-2002
Private chiropractic practice. Full service clinic offering complete radiographic department. Techniques used: Biophysics, Diversified, Gonstead, Crane
• Palmer College of Chiropractic Clinic (Davenport, IA) 1998-1999
Chiropractic Intern. Met clinic requirements ahead of schedule while maintaining excellent GPA and patient management records. Techniques included, Upper Cervical, Gonstead, Diversified, as well as physiotherapies. 200 hours adjusting and 100 hours in physiotherapies.

Teaching Experience

Maximized Living Seminars
Guest Lecturer
Extreme Makeover Series linebreak
YMCA, Carmel Baptist Church, Providence Baptist Church, City of Life Ministries, Mouzon Methodist Church

Awards and Honors

Honor Role – Palmer College of Chiropractic
Rugby Athletic Scholarship – Palmer College of Chiropractic
Baseball Coach – Palmer College of Chiropractic

Two time Clinic Excellence Award- Maximized Living

Kisha Morrison, Office Manager

Kisha Morrison, Office Manager

Kisha Morrison, graduated from University of North Carolina with a bachelor’s degree of science in exercise science. Prior to college and struggling for years with back pain, she underwent herniation surgery. Depressed, confused and her health declining rapidly she decided to actively search for a cause to her health problems. Since her employment at Family Healing Chiropractic she has lost 15 pounds, gotten off of three medications and her excruciation back pain has improved greatly. She also patented an ergonomic seat designed to help hunters with back pain. She has been able to get her life back. She loves fishing and spending time at the lake with her family and friends, hunting, playing sports and spending time with her chihuahua Nala. She loves being able to teach people the importance of taking responsibility for their health and watching them get their lives back.



Apryl Flamer-Harris, Outreach Coordinator

Apryl Flamer-Harris, Outreach Coordinator

Apryl Flamer-Harris has resided in the greater Charlotte area for over 20 years but is a native of Philadelphia, PA. Apryl attended high school in Monroe North Carolina and studied Business at Wingate University and University of North Carolina Charlotte. Apryl has worked closely with Dr. Surprenant for 9 years and has been able to experience personal life changing health transformations due to the care delivered at Family Healing Chiropractic and the essentials taught by Maximized Living. She is passionate about helping families and patients with children come to an understanding of the amazing healing potential of the body and the changes that occur when individuals successfully implement chiropractic care as a part of their family healthcare regiment.




Kayla Rogers, 5 Essentials CA

I grew up in Indiana my whole life. I graduated from University of Indianapolis with a community health education degree. Before working at a maximizing living health center I thought that health was more about how you feel on the inside  rather than function. Since I’ve started I’ve learned so much about the nervous system and how it’s all about functioning at 100% and not about feeling healthy. I enjoy helping others reach their health goals and seeing their success with integrating the 5 essentials! In my free time I like go hiking and hangout with my husband and our 2 year old dachshund!